Hidden gems of Netflix Jamaica: Earthquake Bird

Earthquake Bird is a riveting mystery-romance starring Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

Netflix Jamaica is home to a range of hard-hitting, mind-bending content, some of which can pass as world-class cinema. Whether Earthquake Bird will ever venture into that territory may be better left to time, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most riveting movies you can find in your Netflix Jamaica library.

The story follows a Japanese translator named Lucy Fly, who falls for a local photographer. Their relationship evolves into something ugly when a young American woman interjects herself into their lives leading to dark consequences.

It isn’t often that we think a movie is deserving of its own article, so sit back as we explain exactly why Earthquake Bird is a rare gem on Netflix Jamaica.

An unusual but welcomed surprise

Earthquake Bird stars Alicia Vikander who plays Lucy Fly.

Earthquake Bird stars Alicia Vikander who plays Lucy Fly. Lucy is a translator who moved to Japan from Europe to escape a troubled past. While in Japan she meets Teiji, a local photographer. The relationship that blooms between the two is one that easily captures an audience. But one of the true high points of this film is a surprising performance by Vikander.

Lucy Fly is a bright, but socially awkward, and seemingly troubled woman. It isn’t often that a beautiful actress can portray this kind of role with total believability. There is not a moment that you don’t buy Vikander being this lonesome, socially inept translator, who stumbles into love with some random Japanese photographer after a casual walk down the street.

It’s unpredictable

Earthquake Bird follows the awkward interactions of Lucy and Riley and leads to a conclusion that is effective and unpredictable as befits the story.

There seem to be a number of reviews online that are mad at the way the film concludes. We find this odd, as the story unfolds perfectly, leading to a conclusion that is violent, emotional, and as unpredictable as befits the story being told. A word of advice? Don’t let negative reviews deter you from watching this great Netflix original. The film is filled with subtle twists and turns that make for a great psychological and emotional ride.

Technically ahead

Naoiki Kobayashi’s (Teiji) and co’s outstanding performances are a compliment to the technical feats achieved in Netflix Jamaica’s Earthquake Bird.

A great story and great performances aside, Earthquake Bird is quite the technical accomplishment. The movie is beautifully shot, its story strengthened by an at times subtle, but emotive soundtrack. These elements are easily a compliment to the compelling performances put on by Vikander and co-stars Riley Keough (Lily Bridges), and Naoki Kobayashi (Teiji).

The film is shot to disarm you with its cinematography whilst taking you ever deeper into the rabbit hole of a disturbing mystery. It never does so with over-the-top on-screen violence, banging music, or overblown confrontations. The story is subtle, and so are the choices of the director, as this solid piece of storytelling unravels on screen.

Have you seen Earthquake Bird? Did you believe it is one of the best original films on Netflix Jamaica? Share your thoughts in the comments!