Hillary Clinton to launch ‘You and Me Both’ podcast

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will launch a podcast with iHeartRadio come September 29.

Former US Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will launch a podcast with iHeartRadio next week.

Clinton will host You and Me Both, a 24-episode show where she interviews numerous guests including Gloria Steinem, Stacey Abrams and Tan France.

Topics for the interviews will range from politics, faith and grief.

In a statement, Clinton said “I’m excited to bring these eye-opening, powerful, sometimes hilarious conversations to the forefront and open up new avenues of discussion with some of the people I find most fascinating.

“This podcast is a chance to talk about subjects that are too often overlooked and share the inspiration and education I’ve gotten from my guests.”

The 2016 US presidential candidate has been working on the podcast since earlier this year when news first surfaced.

Regarding the partnership, President of iHeartPodcast Network, Conal Byrne, said “Hillary, being the first woman on the ballot in a general election for president, is one of the great political leaders of our time, and we are delighted to partner with her on this project.”

 Byrne added, “You and Me Both will provide listeners with an astute, nuanced look at what’s happening in the world right now — and Hillary is the perfect moderator for those discussions.”