Historic Turkish baths in to ban nude bathing

If you’re planning on having a bath at the Historic Turkish Baths, then you will no longer need to feel apprehensive about being naked in front of strangers.

The 124-year-old spa will be banning nude bathing to promote inclusivity for those of all different gender categories.

The spa which is run by Harrogate Council in North Yorkshire, says this change was made over “a concern regarding access to sessions for single-sex users by those of varying gender categories including transgender, gender dysphoria and transsexual.”

This decision comes after the bathhouse had to withdraw its plans to remove the single-sex sessions and replace them with mixed-sex sessions.

Baths manager Chris Mason this new policy will have a myriad of effects. “Making wearing of swimwear compulsory at all single-sex sessions will also promote inclusivity, allow the Council to meet its equality obligations under the Equality Act and alleviate staffing issues during single-sex sessions.”