Home workouts won’t replace gyms after COVID-19

With lockdowns across the world at various stages of implementation, people have had to make a special effort to workout with many gyms and other activity centers closed.

The new gym inside the AC Hotel in Kingston
The new gym inside the AC Hotel in Kingston

And while people have made do with water bottles for dumbbells and backyards for cardio training, it’s not likely this will continue after the coronavirus threat has eased.

That’s at least what Barclays bank has found in a survey of United Kingdom consumers. According to Barclays, only 14 per cent of gym members surveyed indicated they would cancel their memberships, even though just over a third said they had changed their attitude towards home workouts.  Of those likely to end their memberships, most were people between 18 and 34 years old, which Barclays said is a risk for low-cost gyms that rely on a high number of younger members.

The Guardian reported last month that the UK Government is considering reopening venues in July.