How a breakup affects you

If you ever had your heartbroken, then you can relate to the feeling of grief or even depression that comes with it.

This is because heartbreak awakens the same hormones in the brain that are activated when former drug addicts suffer withdrawal.

According to Mayo Clinic, breakups can also cause chest pains, heart enlargement and shortness of breath.

In addition, a breakup can be physical effects such as acne.

In fact, another study by a group of researchers at Wake Forest University showed that breakups contribute to severe skin disorders, even to people who are not prone to such.

The study also claimed that stomach cramps and sore muscles can become part of the process of getting over the heartache.

One psychologist reiterated that breakups can do serious damage to the person. Guy Winch, a well-known psychologist said breakups affect the ability to think and interrupt the person’s ability to focus and function in daily activities.

This can last for a week, a month or even a year.