How are you spending the last day in 2020?

You’ve done it! Despite everything, you’ve made it to the last day in 2020. We hope that you’ve met this day with gratefulness in your heart. We’re also very interested to find out how some of our BUZZ Fam would be spending it, so we did the only appropriate thing- we asked!

Latoya, cosmetologist

Honestly, I’m just grateful to live to see the last day in this year. Normally I’d be at work, but I decided to take today off and spend it with my 11-year-old daughter. We’ll stay home and cook and just watch some Netflix.

Alecia, teacher

I’ll be preparing some lesson plans today as well as reflecting on some of the lessons 2020 has taught me. Later on I hope to welcome the New Year with a glass of wine and Netflix.

Craig, technician

Unfortunately, I have to be at work, but I’m still grateful to see the end of this year as hard as it was. Hopefully, I’m not too tired tonight and can actually stay up to welcome the New Year.

Sandra, sales clerk

I have to be at work, but as soon I go home, I plan to write some resolutions, and spend the night with my boyfriend.

Andre, engineer

Normally mi nuh inna the New Year celebrations, but because a how 2020 was mi feel mi have to celebrate the coming of 2021. Mi cannot go no where because curfew and ting, but two a my friend can come over and wi bill a little vibes.

Shanika, entrepreneur

I’m spending the entire day in bed, resting and reflecting.