How come? 10 things we can’t wrap our minds around

Some things are just plain perplexing and we need to have questions answered.

Remember that very successful Jamaica Public Service (JPS) campaign dubbed ‘How come’? It was so popular it soon became an island-wide refrain for almost anything that was absurd, unacceptable or just plain incomprehensible.

Jump to present day and we still have many reasons to ask ‘How come’ because life as we know is never straightforward.

1. Gunman nah ketch COVID?

Gunmen are still out there aplenty, where are their positive confirmations?

2. Why are they are taking so long to arrest Donald Trump? It’s gonna happen, right?

3. Why do so many Rasta men not want to wear masks?

4. Why Jamaican men do not like to wear condom?

Sir, no glove no love.

5. Corporate Jamaica seemingly dislike ‘rasta’ but love to appropriate their culture

6. So many guns in circulation but Jamaica does not manufacture not even one

7. When police shoots citizen everybody is an eye witness but when someone shoots at an agent of the state, no one ever see anything.

8. By the end of the hurricane season, the dam is overflowing but come January NWC tells us that there will be water restrictions

Hello NWC, we’re in the midst of the most active hurricane season ever, please try to conserve all this water for the dry season.

9. The poorer class of Jamaicans never miss an opportunity to vote while the majority of the so called educated give away their rights and say they cannot be bothered    

10. Some women keep having children and then come on national television begging the government for financial assistance but no government has ever issued semen!