How cute! Animals that are super affectionate

Some of us do not like to let people know that we get along better with four-legged creatures better than we do with our own species.

Animals can become pets and even like a best friend or a child, as they are generally smart and affectionate. Not all animals qualify as being a cuddle bunny, but those who do, can bring a smile to your face or make you laugh, and nothing warms you heart more than when they are excited at your return at the end of a long, stressful day.

Great qualities

So, why do we love them so much? Well, they do not complain, do not whine, do not cheat and whatever mess they make balances out all their other great qualities. Indeed, some people would rather have a pet than a partner if truth be told.

1. Dogs. And they very loyal as well, hence the term ‘man’s best friend’

2. Monkeys. They can kisses and cuddle just like a mate.

3. Bunny rabbits. They are cute little fur balls of fun. Just remember they breed super fast so a tiny home is not going to hold them for long.

4. Goat. Not the ram goat kind because they will ‘buck’ you. 

5. Horses. There is a peace and tranquilly these great creature exhibits when they get to know you.

6. Pot bellied pigs. They are chunky and fun to have around, as they do have personalities. Just ensure that your neighbour does not like bacon!

7. Stray cat. If you feed them, then they are not going anywhere. They are your friends for life.

8. Chickens. Not the ones you grow for Sunday dinner. No, the kind that come around when you sit down to eat in the yard and demand that you pay them some attention else they peck at you