How cute! Elton John gets his own Barbie

Legendary singer, Elton John with his Barbie (Photo: New York Post)

Legendary singer and songwriter, Elton John now has his own Barbie.

The limited-edition Barbie doll features Elton John’s iconic rose coloured shades and signature bowler hat.

It’s complete with a rainbow-detailed bomber jacket and flared denim pants with the initials “E” and “J” emblazoned on the front of each leg.

Also in the box is a doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity for collectors.

The “Tiny Dancer” doll is being released to coincide with Elton John’s 45-year anniversary of his record-breaking concert at Dodgers Stadium in 1975.

“Barbie is an icon in her own right, so having her pay tribute to my work and personal style is a real honor,” John said in a statement to Rolling Stone. “I hope that she inspires fans everywhere to fearlessly pursue their own dreams and limitless potential.”

The doll is currently available at Walmart for $50.