How exactly did we survive before cell phones?

If you are over 35 try and jog your memory to a time when that small device did not exist. When only doctors, lawyers and big businessmen had cell phones which were huge, heavy and cumbersome but was such a status symbol.

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Fast forward to present day and every child, every farmer, every grandmother, practically everyone has one whether it is the latest with facial recognition or a simple ‘banger’ where you receive and make calls.

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So how did we survive pre-cellular evolution and dominance? Well, back in the days of my grandmother when you needed to communicate with someone in other parts of the island or in another country, you went to the post office and sent a telegram.

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Landline telephones were at first something that you only saw at business places and in rich people’s homes. In rural areas, if you needed to make a call, you would walk to either the pastor’s house or the postmistress’ residence to beg a call because just like having a motor vehicle, it was a luxury item, as installing a home phone was a thing of prestige.

This means that people outside of your family would know all of your business but it could not be helped. The old rotary phones held pride of place in homes and were put on special bistro-style tables with crisp white doilies beneath it. They were kept clean and wiped down with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as after strangers or non-family members made a call, the phone would be disinfected, as according to old people, you never know what kind of germs they had.

By the year 2000 the new wind of change sparked by the Information Age, brought the small Nokia 3310 and Siemen cellular phones and the world as we know it was never the same again.

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That’s the way of the world – evolution! iPhone 11 Pro anybody?