How influential are you?

Power in the wrongs hands can definitely be dangerous.

To exert a measure of control over how others think and act can be a powerful feeling. Just ask any popular politician, pastor or even teacher and they can tell you. That kind of power, if channelled properly and positively, can be a source of growth and change that can mobilise communities and individuals and bring out the best in people. That is what people of influence can produce.

Role models

In this era of social media, many people are popular, unfortunately, sometimes for all the wrong reasons. People who do a tonne of cosmetic surgeries, date athletes and artistes, make sex tapes and wear next to nothing have become role models for too many of our young people who aspire to be like them. In their estimation, even if the attention is negative; even if the person is more infamous than famous, the fact that they are trending, means that people are interested in their lives. In a society where values are no longer valued; where doing the right thing makes you weird or an outcast, this cannot continue if mankind is to not only survive but evolve.

A person with real influence can inspire others even when he/she says very little.

Influence should ideally inspire us to do better and be better. Make us share, care and be better human beings. Some people are such influential beings. Do you consider yourself one of them? Can you capture people’s attention and hold it when you speak to others and inspire them with your pearls of wisdom? There are ways to test just how influential you are as a designated leader or as someone catapulted to a position of power. See if you make the mustard or if you need to go back to the drawing board and step up your game.

Talk the talk

One doesn’t have to be a boss or manager to be able to influence others.

1.  You do not always say much, but when you talk, people stop to listen.

2.   People come to you for unsolicited advice and recommendations.

3. You walk the walk and live the life you talk about.

4. You are not in competition with others and genuinely cheer for people who are successful.

5. Even if you disagree, you will support someone else on their journey.

6. You are consistent.

7. Your expertise in your field cannot be denied and therefore people learn when you share your educated opinion.

8. You are reliable and keep your promise once given.

9. You tend to surround yourself with others who are like-minded in both business and their personal lives.

10. Your private life is just that: private, and therefore cannot be subjected to gossip and rumour mills.

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