How many inches are just right?

It’s not something that people, particularly men, feel comfortable discussing, but we’re going there.

You know what I’m talking about. Those inches that make you enjoy the rollercoaster ride time and time again. It’s different for every woman, just like how every woman’s ‘flower’ is different. Some are like their personalities, rather shallow while others are more accommodating and like to be chock-filled with goodness. Once you have been on the relationship ferris, you know what you like and what works for you individually so one woman’s weiner can be another’s Kielbasa (Google it)!

Since one size does not fit all, you have to determine what’s right for you but first you need to know the basic data on penis sizes to have the same point of reference.

The average penis is just over five inches. Want it to look larger, lose some belly fat. You’re welcome.

The British Journal of Urology shared that the average length of an erect penis is 5.16 inches. Does that sound small to you because most Jamaican women think six is average and few even stated that it’s on the small side but they will work with it if the man is a considerate, giving lover.

While some men like to boast about the size of their package, others are not even certain where to put the tape measure or ruler. The rule of thumb is that you measure length from the top of your penis near the pubic bone to the tip of your glans which is the round part at the end of the penis. And FYI, do not add inches due to stretched foreskin. Men from the continent of Asia are said to generally have the smallest penis size while the motherland has the ‘father load’. Relatedly, men in the Republic of Congo are said to have the largest organs per capita, FYI.

So after all that, how many inches is just right? It all comes down to personal choice and perspective. A quick poll of Jamaican women aged 24 to 65 found that most want a guy who is over six inches but eight may be pushing it. There were a few adventurous souls that wanted guys who were packing eight and more as they said if the vagina can accommodate a nine pound baby it can accommodate a ‘proper’ size penis. At the end of the day, it is best to simply say to each (vagina) her own and leave it at that.