How much jewellery is too much?

There was an era when people wore gold teeth with pride and panache as it signified not only that they could afford the precious metal but that they were ‘swaggerific’ to the nine!

Add to this, the ghetto fabulousness of the 80s and 90s when everyone from rappers to drug dealers would be pimped out in huge cargo gold chains and rings so much so that they could easily melt it all together to pull up the Titanic if they so desired.

Yes, lots of jewellery has been the fad for a couple of decades but fads fade and in the new millennium we seem to now gravitate towards more costume jewellery or single signature pieces, instead of throwing on everything in our jewellery box at one time.

So, is there such a thing as wearing too much jewellery? Actually, there is.

Like makeup, jewellery should be worn to enhance what you already have, not to detract from it. Therefore, it is an accessory or an adornment and so too much of it can confuse the eye and blend your pieces together into one loud cacophony of gaudy confusion.

Unless you are a gypsy or doing performance art, why do you need to wear more than one necklace at a time?

If you’re not a gypsy – no need to go in excess with the bangles

And while a few bracelets may highlight your bohemian chic style, ten is overkill and you will just remind people of that crazy lady who wears everything at once as if she is advertising.

A lot of bracelets can be noisy, cumbersome and distracting – particularly if you are very expressive with your hands and do lots of gesticulation. You have to think about the person(s) you are communicating with. If your jewellery is distracting, it can be annoying. You do not want to be annoying.

Multiple bangles or bracelets can be tasteful – moderation is key

Now when it comes to multiple rings on fingers, there is a thin line between trendy and gaudy. 

Try to coordinate your pieces with whatever outfit you choose for an occasion.

Multiple rings on fingers run a thread line between fashionable and trendy

Fabric choice is key so do not mix shells and heavy beads with something silky and lacey if you can avoid that mismatch show. Pearls and bulky clothing like turtle necks and heavy woollen sweaters will clash so once again less is more.

Try not to crowd your clothing as you want them to stand out for the right reasons. Hence, if you have a short neck, avoid chokers all together.

Lastly, avoid mixing and matching your gem stones with earthen, natural material. For example, a heavy gold necklace does not go with a conch shell earring. It is so wrong Stevie Wonder would see that.

With multiple earrings start with the largest at the bottom

Though it is fairly common to see women with multiple piercings in their ears, the common-sense thing to do is to stack them according to size with the largest at the bottom in the first and original piercing. Dressing up can be fun, just put a little effort, time and coordination into it.