How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Getting married is a big step but once sure, you are going to want that sizeable rock on your finger for the world to see.

Traditionally, people have used the rule of three months’ salary as a guide to purchasing an engagement ring.

You want something big but not flashy; classy, clear and chic. You want a nice ring that screams ‘this is my happily ever after’!

You definitely want to make a statement but exactly how much do you think that ‘statement’ will run you? How big should the statement banner be or how loud and visible the fonts? You need a ring that is forever but also won’t land you and the hubby-to-be in the poor house, so budgeting is key.

Engagement rings can be just as expensive as wedding rings but if they do not come entwined or are part of a great deal, skip it if you cannot afford to do both. Conventional wisdom says that the ring should cost you on average about three months’ pay but not all pay cheques are created equal.

Marriage is said to be the ultimate commitment so many people will want to go big when purchasing rings for the occasion.

If you bag groceries at a supermarket, that has significantly less buying power than being a middle manager at a financial institution, so you need to come up with a dollar figure.

Do not try and be (too) cheap because that never works in the long run. Plus, they say if your ring falls apart so will your marriage. Just make up your mind to get something that is of quality. In the United States, people on average spend between US$800 and $1,100 on a ring. By our conversion rate that’s around J$150,000 on the higher end. Some people can just pull out their credit card for that purchase while others will have to either throw ‘partner’ or save it.

Since marriage is said to be the ultimate commitment, you may want to properly invest in this huge part of your, even if it is for a hand ornament.