How much sleep do you really need?

Everyone is different and so the amount of sleep needed for one to feel rested can vary.

If you ever need a better representative of how different people are, just check out how they sleep. Some sleep like a log for hours and never wake up for a bathroom break; others wake up every two to three hours get some water, empty their bladder and then get back in bed. Some people need like eight to ten hours of rest at night while other hold two hour ‘power naps’ and are wide eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to go (this last set of people is annoying as hell, by the way).

There are people who cannot nap or sleep during the day. They need complete darkness or silence in order to nod off while others will fall asleep anytime, anywhere, even standing in a crowded bus. We are truly unique and dynamic creatures and so our sleep styles and patterns vary, which begs the question, how much sleep do we really need?

People who do not sleep enough may find themselves falling asleep at work or being unproductive throughout the day.

Sleep needed is dependent on a number of factors. Your genes, overall health, career choice, medical conditions such as chronic pain or sleep apnea, all impact your overall ability to rest and rest well. Sleep specialists feel that a normal healthy adult needs between seven to nine hours of sleep and people who do not get that may feel sleepy and require a nap during the day.

However, as with everything, there are those who fall on extreme ends of the spectrum and may need more while others do fine with less. If you are not getting enough rest it may cause more than irritability as lack of sleep can even lead to obesity over time. A great tip for getting ‘shut eye’ is to bring a book to bed say half hour before your bed time. Reading tends to make most people sleepy so grab a good book and let the words lull you into la la land.