How philanthropic are you?

With the recent devastation of the Bahamas, there has been an outpouring of prayers, love and donations from across the globe.

Supplies to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian - act of philanthropy
Supplies being shipped to the Bahamas from New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

Some of us will give and give until it hurts but generally how philanthropic are you as an individual? While your neighbour will give generously, how about you?

Sharing of your food to those in need - act of philanthropy
Be willing to share any surplus food items you have available to those in need.

The following are key signs to check for to see if you are as benevolent as you think or if it stops at prayers and good wishes.

Giving to the homeless - act of philanthropy.
  1. You go out and feed the homeless on occasion.
  2. When your pastor or spiritual leader says they have a special project that aids another church, mission, charity or non-profit organization, you are all in with your cheque book or cash on hand.
  3. If another child at your kid’s school is in need, you will start packing lunch for two so that your child can share during recess.
  4. When your friends are in need, you are the first to offer them a bed, some food and some money to tide them over.
  5. When people come to borrow money, you not only lend but tell them to keep it.
  6. If someone is starting up a project, you make a donation, not a loan.
  7. If a family member or friend decides to live their dream and start their own business, you will be their first customer and actually pay for their good or services.
  8. You volunteer as much as possible for worthy causes such as Missionaries of the Poor and Mustard Seed Communities.
  9. If there is a 5K slated to raise money or awareness for research, assistance or construction of a school etc, you are the first one there lacing up your sneakers
  10. You willingly help a neighbour who needs a ride, a hand, a shoulder or just a listening ear.

So tell us BUZZ fam are we just talking about giving or actually doing something to help those in need?