How sad… DMX’s crack addiction started when he was 14

American rapper DMX has opened up about a sad part of his life. The entertainer has revealed that his crack addiction started as a teen when his mentor gave him a spliff laced with the drug.

Rapper DMX

DMX has struggled with drug addiction for years, going in and out of rehab. And there were also several stints in jail.

In a recent interview with Talib Kweli on his People’s Party show, he explained that his troubles began at 14 years old when he smoked a ‘crack-laced blunt’ that was given to him by his mentor. He said that he initially had no idea what he had smoked.

“He passed the blunt around and… I hit the blunt,” DMX said. “I never felt like this before, it f***ed me up. I later found out that he laced the blunt with crack… Why would you do that to a child? He was like 30, and he knew I looked up to him. Why would you do that to someone who looks up to you?”

Road to recovery

The Ruff Ryders Anthem rapper, who cancelled his 20th-anniversary tour last year to check into rehab, said that that his addiction to drugs has been a real struggle, and he is still trying to get better.

“I never felt like this before, it f***ed me up.


“You never know when the things you stored away are going to come out and just fall all over the place…” said the entertainer who previously revealed that he smoked his first blunt when he was eight years old.

“Let me open this door and start dealing with this sh*t right now before it comes out at the wrong time and I just have a meltdown… that’s what’s helped with addiction and sobriety.”

For years, DMX drug troubles have been in the news. In 2016, he almost died after he suffered a drug overdose in a New York parking lot.

DMX stopped breathing and had no pulse after suffering collapsing in a New York parking lot. A medic managed to revive him after he stopped breathing and had no pulse. He had to be hospitalised.

By 2017, he had to put tour plans on hold to re-enter treatment.

In 2004, he was also arrested after he and an accomplice tried to steal a man’s car from the parking lot of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. When cops held him, they found a handgun, nightstick, 20 rocks of crack cocaine, Oxycodone, and Diazepam. He would spend only six weeks in jail after accepting a plea deal.

DMX also has a lengthy rap sheet, getting his first taste of jail in 1986. Over the decades that followed, he has been arrested many times for various offences, including cruelty to animal, tax fraud, reckless driving and drug possession.