How soon is too soon to give a Valentine’s Day gift?

As luck would have it, the stars aligned over your love life in December, and you met the person of your dreams. And now you are floating on love.

You’re in the ‘getting to know you’ stage; texting everyday, talking on the phone, maybe a few dates on the weekends, and generally just having a good time.

But now it’s February. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and so are all these expectations.

Should you get this person a gift? Is it too soon? Should you expect a gift, in return? Will this person think you’re moving too fast if you get her a gift? What do you do?

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BUZZ Fam, you know I got you, there’s no way I’m leaving you out there in this season of love, stressing.

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I went out and asked a few men if they think a month of dating is too early to be out there Valentine’s Day gifting.

Here’s what they had to say. I hope these answers help you to make up your mind.

Shorn, photographer: Sure, I’d give a valentine’s gift to a friend I don’t even date. It’s just a couple hours to be extra loving with the corny gifts and make others smile.

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Romario, journalist: I would definitely get a gift for my month old-girlfriend. But it depends, if I feel like it’s going nowhere, I’d give her nothing to basically send a signal that the relationship is not going to work. But if it is someone I really like and want to go further with , of course, I’m going to get her gifts to wow her and plea my cause.

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Theo Anthony, political science student: If I really like this person I would probably get her a Valentine’s gift. It would be a sign of appreciation for the person, and would show my intentions with her.

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Jason, engineer: Well if it’s someone I think I want to continue to date, then I would get the person a gift. I wouldn’t have no problem doing that. But if I don’t think it will grow into anything, I’ll leave the valentine’s gift alone.

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Jjay, medical student: A not too expensive gift as a gesture, but not to extravagant.

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Jamar, inventory clerk: It depends if I am dating the person or if I just want sex. But my honest opinion though is yes, I would do it to impress her, nothing is wrong with that, it’s a season of love.

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Chev, videographer: I’d do it because I’m interested in the person and I’d want to see how the person react.

Andre, investment banker: It doesn’t have to be like a gift gift, you could do something nice like send lunch to them, or send some flowers, or some nice gesture, that’s fine.

Obrian, photographer: Nothing is wrong with giving a gift, I think it’s a small gesture to the person to show that you actually like them.

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Sidenote: Who said Jamaican men weren’t romantic?

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BUZZ Fam, how long should you be dating someone before giving them a Valentine’s Day gift?