How to ace a job interview

Your clothing screams ‘professional’ hence there no cleavage or underwear showing so you have the look down pat but there is so much more to making a good first impression on a job interview. There are so many elements that potential employers look for from body language to verbal cues that you have to be on point in order to get that call back and your feet through the door.


The Dos

1. Arrive on time and that means at least 15 minutes early.  Never ever be late.

2. Do your research and learn as much as possible about the company or entity you are seeking to join. It shows that you are proactive and interested.

3. When ushered into the room, wait until you are told to before sitting.

4. If it is a panel interview, look the person speaking to you in the eye when addressing them.

5. Keep your answers short and precise. Do not try to look like you are articulate by rambling on because it can hurt your chances.

6. Give a ball park about the income bracket before you go into the interview in case they ask you what you would want as a starting salary. 

7. Unless they smell desperation on you, you are expected to negotiate a little.

8. Be cordial and respectful to everyone.


The Donts

1. Do not turn up with chewing gum or talking to anyone while chewing gum. It is super unprofessional

2. Do not be rude or slight the people you may think are underlings such as the receptionist, office attendant or cleaners. Your attitude towards these gate keepers says more about you to potential employers than your actual words.

3. Do not have your phone on. If it goes off during an interview that is a big no-no

4. School your body language so you do not slouch, look bored or disengaged. Sit up straight and be focused on the questions and more importantly, your responses.