How to avoid being ghosted during the dating stage

That phone call may never come (Photo: Cleanfax)

After years of being on the single ship, you finally meet someone worth dating. You guys hit it off, but after a couple of dates, they stop returning your messages and start ignoring your phone calls. It sucks, but what’s even worst is that you can’t figure out why all of sudden you’re being ghosted.

And that’s why we’re here BUZZ Fam. Truth is, sometimes in the early stages of dating, we tend to spill too much that has the potential to overwhelm (to say the least), our prospective partner. The next time someone asks you out on a date, be sure to pay attention to how you communicate and avoid as much as possible doing these five things below.

Talking about an ex

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So when are we gonna talk about me? (Photo: Youth Village Kenya)

Here’s the thing, you were asked out on a date for the person to get to know you, not your cheating ex. For many people, a date constantly talking about their ex is a major red flag. Other than it being a clear sign that they’re obviously not over them, the potential partner could now also have the added burden of trying to measure up.

Talking about kids too early

Can you at least get through the first couple of dates before asking your date how many kids they’d want? The dating stage is all about testing the waters, mentioning kids too early is a sure way to drown pretty quickly.

Talking about depressing topics like COVID-19

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Can we talk about something else? (Photo: Best Life)

All of us are being affected in some way by the coronavirus pandemic. And while you can bring up the topic in conversation on the first date, it’s not the best idea to dwell on it. Did you go on a date to get depressed?

Meaningless conversations

If you wanna have a boring date, then go ahead and chat for just chatting sake. Don’t be afraid to ask interesting questions, and listen to their responses; focus on building a connection through conversing.

Asking too many questions

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We know the purpose of the date is to get to know the person but calm down on the questioning sis, if you get another date, you’ll get to ask some more. It’s okay to allow brief moments of silence between you too without feeling the need to fill it with a question. No one wants to feel like they’re been interrogated on a date.