How to build your confidence

Your journey to self-discovery and self-confidence begins with a single step.

Have you ever stopped to realise that a lot of the issues we see manifest daily as bad behaviour are really coming from individuals who lack self-confidence and thus they channel their actions and words in the wrong direction? Many times an individual just needs someone to tell them that they are worthy for them to turn around a situation that otherwise may seem hopeless. Helping others to build their confidence is not only beneficial to them but will make you feel great as well.

Journey to self-discovery

It is important to have positive thoughts.

Here are some tips to give things a jumpstart along the incredible journey to self-discovery.

1. Acknowledge that your thoughts may be dark or self-sabotaging. If you tell yourself daily “I cannot do it”, “I cannot pass the test” or “I’m stupid”, chances are you are not going to get far. Often times we speak negative thoughts into reality without even realising it.

2. Ditch the negativity for some positive thought. You have to replace “I cannot” with “I’m going to try” and eventually you will get to “I definitely can”. Take baby steps, and every time you want to stop, remember that fear is just another four-letter word that you do not need to be using.

3. Focus on taking small incremental steps and the rest will take care of itself. If you have a problem with math, do not just get up and say I am going to conquer every math question. That is not realistic. Aim for getting a ‘C’ on the next math test. This is an immediate goal that you can work towards, especially if all you previously did was just write your name on the paper and hand it in.

4. Surround yourself with positive people. Cut loose the so-called friends who act condescending to you, bully you or laugh at your aspirations. Real friends build you up, not tear you down. Once you get some friends that support your goals you will see how this transforms you into a different person.

5. Each morning, wake up, say two positive things you like about yourself and then write them down on a post-it and paste it on your mirror. Throughout the day every time you pass it, you will remember and smile. This is an ideal way to subconsciously affirm yourself.