How to exercise on the go

You might think exercise has to be done in the gym, or that you need expensive equipment or special gears or even that you have to sweat a lot.

Not true.

Simple things we do at home can be considered exercise, and are enhanced with deliberate actions while doing those things. For example, while brushing your teeth you can do squats to help build your leg muscles. If you aren’t sure how low to go, use your toilet bowl as a guide.

Another activity to consider is handwashing. Washing machines may be more popular now; however, it can’t hurt to select a few articles of clothing to wash by hand. This counts as a low impact cardiovascular exercise.

Instead of driving to the shop or supermarket, try walking. Take a backpack to put items in, as this will also give you extra weight on the way back home. The benefit of the extra weight is that you’re going to burn more calories while you walk.

While using the stairs, instead of walking up one step at a time, use every other step on the way up. This will increase your heart rate, which will result in more stored calories being burned throughout the day.

At work, you might have to buy lunch from a restaurant down the road. Why not walk? You might even find somewhere to sit and have your meal, taking in some fresh air and relaxing your mind, instead of going back to your desk to sit and even possibly work while you are eating, which isn’t a good thing.

Remember that nutrition is 75 per cent of your goal; cardiovascular exercise is 10 per cent; working out with weights is 10 per cent and rest (meaning at least 8 hours of sleep) is 5 per cent.

MOB Inc Tip: Try to get eight hours of sleep, as the body starts to heal during deep sleep which occurs only after 6 hours. If your exercises included weights, you’ll need at least 7 hours of sleep.

Exercising is simple but we put boundaries on it. Take away the boundaries and experience fitness in a way only you can enjoy. Once you start thinking of ways to do simple workouts, you’ll find that it can be a lot of fun.

It’s all about the choices we make and most times the easy way is adding to your cardiovascular disease or inactivity which is also a disease.

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