How to handle rejection

So you saw him, liked him and started flirting outrageously. You swore the attraction was mutual until he said “Let’s just be friend”.

Rejection happens, and it’s important that we know how to respond to it.

You’re embarrassed, deflated and wished the ground would just open up you whole.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, likes rejection. It stings but it happens to most of us at least once regardless of how handsome, gorgeous, smart, sexy, rich or popular you are.

In order to lessen the sting, try to acknowledge it for what it is. This means you should not dismiss or suppress the feeling but rather recognise the hurt and the anger associated with it. You are human after all. Denying that you were hurt does not make the hurt go away. Avoid labelling yourself as stupid or blind; just be kind to yourself.

However, acknowledgment does not mean that you stay and wallow in self-pity. Instead, see it as another valuable life lesson you can benefit from. Next time, instead of jumping in head first you will assess the situation more closely and see if the object of your affection gives you any hints or indication that they are remotely interested.

Then when you are a little more rational, try to find the good in the situation. Search for a silver lining because there usually is one. It could be that you dodged a bullet as you may find out later on that the person you were interested in has more issues than Time Magazine. Everything happened for a reason and the reason in your case maybe that the good Lord was saving you from certain misery. Consider yourself lucky.