How to keep your relationship spicy

Do not be fooled by those romantic comedies you see, relationships are work and more work. After the initial butterfly-in-the-stomach phase when the person occupies your every waking thought, comes the reality of a long term relationship and what was cute, can become annoying. So as the years go by, how then do you keep your relationship exciting and fresh?

Because a relationship is work, does not mean it has to be a chore. There is a difference. It is a job with privileges, perks and bonuses and one where you can decide to have as much fun as possible. Do not let everyday life intervene and rob you of your ability to live, love and laugh out loud.

Firstly, you have to remember what initially attracted you to your partner. Was it their personality; their booty; their smile; that tight pair of jeans that caressed their hip and made your heart beat a little bit faster?

Do not let everyday life intervene and rob you of your ability to live, love and laugh out loud.

Re-discover what the attraction is and you will also rediscover the passion you have for them. Sounds simple but it works. Then go look up some old photos. A walk down nostalgia lane is a great way to reconnect and share old memories both funny and dramatic. A shared past means a lot to the parties involved.

Do not let everyday life intervene and rob you of your ability to live, love and laugh out loud.

Start dating each other again. How? Start with simple messages sent throughout the day. “Hey just know I love you and your ashy feet” or “that dinner your made yesterday did mawwddd. I really enjoyed it”.

Never forget to say ‘hey thank you, babe’.

It is always the little things that count the most. Start visiting the hangout spot you used to go to when you were ‘courting’. Go back to the movies and kiss in the dark at the back of the cinema. Drive over to Port Royal, park and count the stars in the sky and just sit and talk. 

Cannons and tower in the courtyard of Fort Charles, Port Royal.

Start showing appreciation. Plenty of people forget to practice this and in any long term relationship, we may forget to show gratitude for the things that people do for us daily. A man who is used to his wife ironing his long-sleeved white shirts with starch every week often forgets how much of a chore it is. Never forget to say ‘hey thank you, babe’.

Send the children off to their grandparents for the weekend and walk around the house naked as the day the doctor slapped you upside your head and declared which gender you were. Get comfy being sexy again.

Surprise your mate by lying down on the bed when they get home, wearing nothing but a bow tie and a big smile. That is guaranteed to get some instant attention. Also, the bedroom is not the only room you can have some fun in. Have you ever tried doing it on the washing machine when it is on the spin cycle? Find a new spot and you may also find that your g-spot loves the change of pace and place. And since we are on the topic of sex, explore a new position, remember the kama sutra has a tonne of uncharted positions designed to get those calories burning!