How to maintain your knotless braids

Danea Dunkley sporting knotless braids (Photo: Don Waysome)

As the seasons change so should your hair. Hair is a beautiful form of expression; women over the past decades have created different hairstyles whether to be fashionable or simply to protect their hair.

Hair protection over the past 10 years has evolved drastically, with the re-emergence of the natural hair movement. Some of the most used protective styles by women include installing wigs, braids and even sewing in extensions.

Then the next step is maintaining the chosen style and ensuring your hair is safe. Seeing that knotless braids is the new hair trend, it’s only right to share protective hair tips to keep your braids fresh.

  • Keep your scalp moist- It’s important to moisturize your hair 2-3 times a week with any leave-in conditioner of your choice or the African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray. It is also important to moisturize and massage your scalp with essential hair oils like castor oil, coconut oil and peppermint oil as it relieves dryness and simulates blood circulation and promotes growth. 
Keep scalp moisturised (Photo: Don Waysome)
  • Protect your hair at night- You’ve probably heard this a thousand times and even practised from a tender age to wear a satin or silk scarf when going to bed. This nightly routine is key to keeping your knotless braids looking fresh. The smooth texture of the satin scarf keeps your hair from drying out and prevents your edges from breaking.
Protect your braids and prevent hair from breaking with silk scarf overnight (Photo: Don Waysome)
  • Redoing your edges– After weeks of tugging on your braids with the different hair styles, the braids at the front may look worn out. Instead of pulling out your braids, just simply redo the front and you’ll create the illusion that your braids are freshly done.
Keep your edges fresh! (Photo: Don Waysome)

These methods don’t only apply to knotless box braids but can be used for any protective style. Getting braids makes life easier but in the process ensuring your hair is healthy is the goal.

— Written by Danea Dunkley