How to recover from a long holiday

Parties are fun but don’t frolic the night before heading back to work.

The holidays are over, and it is back to work, and you got the back-to-reality blues. You always get it on the first few days after all the fun and frolic of indulging in activities far away from your desk, annoying co-workers and a work routine that sucks.

The post-holiday blues are not just you being moody or miserable. They really do exist, so find some strategies to pull yourself out of the funk before you snap at your supervisor and get yourself in trouble.

Leave the binge drinking to the youngsters.

Not a vacation

First things first, it is a long weekend, not a full-fledged vacation, so go easy. Do not stay out late or ‘over party’ on the last night before you go back to work. Do all the hardcore stuff nights one and two and if you can squeeze it out of your budget plan, a spa day or even a  mini facial on the last day so that the mode you get into mentally is one of getting refocused.

If you are a planner by nature, you could probably get some things done before the holidays themselves that would save you a whole bunch of time on the back end. To prevent you from having to rush to do stuff like ironing for work when you get back tired, do it beforehand. Throw in two extra work outfits to iron a few days before the holidays and also get the grocery shopping squared away prior to leaving town as well. That way you are not scrambling to find food when you open your refrigerator.

Sleep is an important part of the recovery process.

Don’t be a sloppy drunk

Another biggie is alcohol. As you age, binge drink less. Not only is being sloppy drunk not cute but after a while, alcohol smells even through our pores plus it gives you a headache and makes you grouchy when you finally roll into office. If you are not clear-headed on the job, that can be a problem hence moderation is key but if you are serious about being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the first workday back, it is probably best to avoid it on the last day all together. 

Also, even though you are trying to enjoy yourself as much as possible, do not forget to sleep. Sleep deprivation will definitely affect you and your performance at work, so the night before you have to fake being a productive member of society, get at least six hours of ‘zzzzs’.

Exercising can help clear the mind after a long weekend.

Clear your mind

Though exercise is the last thing on most people’s mind when they hear long weekend, it does help you get your headspace right, and the endorphins released during exercise keeps you relaxed and calm which is the mindset you need before heading back to work.

So, party and drink less, rest and exercise more and plan ahead with clothes and meals, and there will be no blues except for the blue skies that will greet you as you embrace the day.

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