How to spot a selfish man

No one really wants one; some women avoid them and a few are allergic to them as it takes cash (or credit) to care. Generosity, just like gratitude is a must.  Some people never truly understand that there can be satisfaction derived from giving just as much as from receiving.

While no one wants to be exploited or taken advantage of, a man who sees a need but never offers assistance, not only should not date, but should remain good friends with the fabled ‘Annie Palmer and her five daughters’.

The following are tell-tale signs that the individual you are interested in is penny-pinching and you should shun them.

  1. If and when he does give you money to buy anything he asks for the change. Who does that?
  2. He gives you the exact amount for a purchase if he knows what it is beforehand.
  3. He would rather come and pay a bill himself than hand you the money.
  4. He haggles and bargains a lot even with merchants whose prices are fixed.
  5. When suggestions are made about purchasing things, his go-to line is always ‘you don’t need that’.
  6. When out with friends he will never pick up the tab for everyone even when others do it on occasion.
  7. He scrutinises every bill and receipt to see if he is overcharged.
  8. He thinks going out to eat, to the movies or a play is a grand waste of time and money.
  9. Spontaneous purchases are a big no-no.
  10. He pays cash to avoid credit card interest.
Piggy Bank With Coins

…. Anything to keep that cash on lock down.