How to tell if he is good in bed

Jamaica gets kudos for many things – from our dialect and music to our coffee and prowess on the track – but historically, the prowess of our men in bed leaves a lot to be desired. Indeed, Jamaican men do not have a great reputation for being caring, considerate or creative between the sheets.

But alas, with time everything and everyone can change. With the dawn of social media and knowledge being at our fingertips, some Jamaican men are beginning to understand that the world does not revolve around their phallic members and that how a woman feels during intercourse actually matters.

Those who are interested are men who read and research. They are willing to give as much as they take and are not afraid to test something new every once in a while.

Read the following checklist to see if you can spot a man with sexual swag.

1. The way he licks his lips. Lip licking speaks to him being willing to lick all lips. I’m just saying!

2. He is very curious about life. In this case, curiosity does not kill the cat; it opens a man’s mind to the endless possibilities of coitus.

3. He thinks outside the box. Translation: you know the sex nah go normal, girl! 

4. He asks more about you, your likes and dislikes and does not spend all his time talking about himself. Yup, a man who is interested in your peeves and passions is filing away information that he may find useful at a later date.

5. He takes care of himself. Not the metrosexual kind that is in love with his mirror. Nope. The dude who takes good care of his health generally is usually one that is willing to go the extra mile to take care of you.

6. Every time he touches you, even if it is your cheek, he watches your reaction. This is a dude that is feeling out how to approach you. The way he blows in your ear, nibbles your neck (note, I didn’t say hickey monster), kisses the back of your hand is all in keeping with him gauging how your pupils dilate and for how long you hold your breath each time.

7. He kisses both your palm and the back of your hand. Girl! You know a regular ‘jo-smo’ only pays attention to ogling your chest and what is in your tight pants. 

8. He takes you on a date to the movies and does not try to grab at your private parts as soon as the lights go out. Yes, child, he is a keeper!

9. He kisses you without sticking his tongue down your windpipe as if he is trying to take your temperature. Indeed, his kisses are sensual, not minor throat surgery!

10. His attention to detail when it comes to you is uncanny. Whatever you shared from the first time he started courting you, he not only recalls but puts that information to good use.

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