How to work from home during this coronavirus pandemic

Millions of people around the world are being asked to work from home to help contain the spread of the coronavirus-COVID-19.

And if you are a ‘non-essential’ worker here in Jamaica, then for the first time, you are being allowed to work from home. Now, how do you navigate this unchartered territory? How do you remain productive in a space that can have so many distractions?

I hope you already know by now, BUZZ Fam, that I got you.

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Here are some tips to keep you productive while at home:

Get dressed

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I know, the idea of not having to get up and get ready for work is probably the most appealing aspect of working from home. However, getting up, taking a shower, and changing out of your PJs, might be the psychological boost you need to be more productive.

Go outdoors

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Working from home doesn’t mean you need to stay cooped up in the house all day. Get up, put on a pair of shoes, and go outside and get some fresh air. This will give you a new perspective, a break, as well as clear any mental block you may be experiencing.

Establish boundaries

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Listen, just because you’re at home working does not mean you should be working all day. Your company would have assigned your work hours, stick to those same hours when you’re at home. Treat the day like you’d treat any normal workday.

Take regular breaks

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Shut down your computer and take a break! (Photo:

Take short breaks regularly while you’re working, research has shown that this can be very beneficial. Do not become glued to the screen all day.

Take those calls

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I know you’d prefer a text or an email, but right now you don’t have the luxury of ignoring phone calls. Although you’re working in isolation, you still need to be in touch with your colleagues.

All be best, BUZZ Fam!