How wives punish their husbands

He is definitely in the doghouse for his latest insensitive antics and utterances. She was so mad that she stormed off in a temper which means it was not going to be a good evening.

He has been walking on pins and needle around the house because he knows she will not let it just slide and he has no clue what she has planned to punish him for his latest infraction. Sometimes wives let things go and just say ‘men will be men’.

Other times they say, ‘Nah, we have to teach them a lesson so that don’t do it again.’ When it’s a case of the latter, women can come up with a myriad of options of just how lenient or loaded the punishment can be. 

1.  Silent treatment.

2. Withholding the ‘nookie’.

3. Turn her back to him.

4. Do not let him go out with the boys.

5. Leave him at home with the kids.

6. Put him out the bedroom.

7. Does not cook him any dinner.

8. Spank him!