How young is too young to wear makeup?

Every little girl does it: waddling around in her mother’s heels and her favourite dress because we all want to be beautiful and grown like our mothers.

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We may sneak and take out her lipstick and makeup and do our best impression of her at the vanity mirror – applying mascara and rouge and foundation all over ourselves as we get all dolled up.

Yes, as little girls it was cute and all, but teenagers want the whole ‘shi-bang’. Our own makeup kit with a complete line of products suitable to our complexion and skin tone. But pump the brakes, as we first have to establish how young is too young for all that glitter and gunk.

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Now, there is a big difference with playing with makeup as girls do and wearing makeup as teens and women do. Made to enhance your feature not to hide them, makeup was first discovered by the ancient Egyptians.

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Fast forward hundreds of years later and makeup application is a rite of passage for most girls. But society disagrees on what age is appropriate and when it is simply too much, too soon.

Most young girls start with vaseline on their lips at an early age and progress onwards from there to real lipstick. Generally makeup before being a teenager is frowned upon if it involves more than a chapstick or lip gloss.

A Fox West Michigan study conducted by the marketing agency Mintel recently reported that 80% of nine to eleven year olds in the United States, experiment with and wear some form of makeup while 50% of twelve to fourteen-year-olds already use mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencils daily.

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The study also highlighted that at least one in five girls between the ages of 8 and 14 has negative body image perception and low self-esteem and therefore wears makeup to combat these.

Generally, any dermatologist worth their salt will tell you that when it comes to makeup, less is more. That means less makeup is better for your skin, as overtime, too much of that stuff becomes a habit that is hard to break.

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Plus, nobody likes to wait until a woman takes a full hour just to apply her face. Makeup worn for long periods of time, left on overnight or generally not removed with care, does more harm than good for the skin and can actually start ageing you, instead of helping you to look better.

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So how young is too young? Girls 13 to 15 can keep it simple with an eyeliner pencil and lipstick. Sixteen and over can have some foundation but stress the need to get proper makeup tutorial so that they know how to care for their skin in between makeup application and how to also remover it at the end of the evening.

As was said earlier, makeup should be worn to enhance your beauty, not to hide it.

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