How’s your relationship with money?

You probably never thought of getting therapy to resolve your relationship with money, have you BUZZ Fam?

Well, that’s the advice coming from 27-year-old millionaire, and founder of Social Chain, Steven Bartlett. And I dare say, taking financial advice from a young millionaire might not be such a bad idea.

Steven Bartlett speaking at JMMB’s Elevate 2.0 Conference.

“I think that the majority of financial decisions that we make come from emotional trauma and insecurity,” Bartlett told journalists at the JMMB Elevate 2.0 conference on Saturday.  

Bartlett said that sometimes, the way we choose to spend money is often influenced by our own insecurities.

“I was terrible with money from the age of 14-23. I grew up in an area where I thought that the more I could impress people with how much I spent, the more fulfilled I’d feel. And that is genuinely something that would make me bankrupt,” he said.

He suggests seeking help to fix whatever bad spending habits that you might have. “Money is such a psychological thing, and people don’t see that. Make sure your psychological relationship with money is a healthy one,” he cautioned.