Humans will be able to communicate with pets in the future, experts predict

In 20 years you could be talking to your pet, and tasting other peoples’ food without actually eating anything.

Yes, BUZZ Fam you read that right!

Japan’s Science and Technology Ministry just published an annual white paper making a series of 37 predictions about what life will be like by 2040. And according to their predictions, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will be woven into the fabric of everyday life and change the way humans relate to everything around them.

The report, titled ‘White Paper on Science and Technology, outlines how VR and AR-driven devices will act as interpreters or virtual aids. These will enable a wide range of new interactions, such as making it possible for humans to “talk” directly to their pets.

This sounds pretty far fetched, but this same paper had predicted that one day TVs would be light enough to be placed on walls, and that cellphones would replace landlines as the main way to communicate.

The paper also predicts that new technologies will make it possible to simulate other sensations, including taste and basic locomotion, which could help people with disabilities experience outdoor activities like skiing.