I do!…a year ago — Romain Virgo reveals 1-year wedding anniversary!

The award for the most romantic proposal and ultimate secrecy award apparently goes to Jamaican reggae crooner, Romain Virgo.

Virgo shared a video of his proposal to long-time girlfriend Elizabeth in September 2018. His millions of followers celebrated with the soulful reggae artiste.

Then started the anticipation for the actual wedding. While photos and sightings of the couple remained consistent – not a word of the wedding, save for a video, shared by Elizabeth two weeks ago about her bridal shower.

Romain and Elizabeth Virgo

Apparently the Virgos turned on stealth mode – that’s right – the Virgos.

Romain dropped another bombshell today, to celebrate not only the birthday of his life-partner, but their 1-year wedding anniversary.

The couple started sharing photos of their wedding day on their respective Instagram profiles, and again had fans in tears.

While the messages flooded in sharing joy on Elizabeth’s birthday and anniversary, some fans took the time to share their shock at the wedding having passed already.

For her part, Elizabeth thanked those privileged to share in their special moment, for keeping it under wraps. Accompanied by a beautiful aerial photo of the wedding, she shared on Instagram, “To this wonderful group of family and friends who kept quiet for 365 days we love and appreciate u so much you have no idea. You made our day soooooo much more than we expected…”

Happy birthday Elizabeth and wonderful wedding anniversary to you both from BUZZ!