I love them for you…so enjoy the blind date!

With any friendship one party may overstep, believing they know what is best the other, and do things they feel will ultimately make their friend happy.

Best friends always think they know what, and who, is best for you. It’s the origin story of blind dates.

One of the most common examples of this is friends being set up on blind dates with someone who is their “type”.

Although you never asked them to meddle in your life, you are assured that this is the (wo)man who will change your life. Okay, Iyanla, fix my life!

The first thing to do is not be offended or view it as a sign of desperation. You may not have asked for it but why not embrace a new adventure? It may work out, or it may not, but do not look a gift horse in the mouth. If there is no chemistry at least you walk away with another friend, or at least a free meal. Go in with a good attitude and make an attempt to be engaging and fun so your personality will shine through.

Doing a little social media digging on a prospective blind date helps ease apprehension if you are able to get their identity. But good luck with that.

If you can get some personal information beforehand, try that. Knowing their interests can’t hurt. Ask your other friends what they think about the individual and if could be viable. Having a social media account (or two) would be helpful but chances are your matchmaker will not give that away before the actual meeting; less chance of you backing out.

What we need to know though is that they are gainfully employed, have no police record, is not married and have no crazy exes. We’re not about to compromise on availability and steadiness.

When the day arrives and the date goes down, do not be smitten just by the physical. If he’s handsome or she is hot, that’s nice but it’s not (entirely) what we’re here for.

You never know when Cupid will strike, a blind date could just be the person you were meant to be with for a lifetime.

Take time to commit to a meaningful conversation. Find out if you share similar interests, have comparable goals or watch the same reality TV trash. Chances are you won’t find someone who checks all the boxes, but they may get enough ticks to merit a second or third date.