‘I may never date again’: Halle Berry loves single life

Halle Berry in a scene from the movie JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 – PARABELLUM. (Photo: Mark Rogers.)

Halle Berry loves being single so much, she’s considering not dating again.

The 53-year-old actress—who has 12-year-old Nahla with former boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and six-year-old Maceo with ex-husband Olivier Martinez— has always been “relationship-oriented” but has been enjoying having more time with just her children.

Speaking to her friend Lena Waithe on Instagram Live, she said: “I’ve learned a lot being with my children. They are the best company for me right now, and when I divorced Maceo’s dad I’ve been pretty alone by myself going on three years now. Decidedly so, for sure. I have decided to take time. I’m very much a relationship-oriented person, I always want to be with someone. But I decided, no I’m going to slow my roll, I’m going to take a minute and I’m going to spent time with me. And it’s been so great that I think I might stay like this!”

Halle—who was also previously married to Eric Benét and David Justice— never expected to be single for so long but she thinks taking such a long break from dating means she won’t get into a new relationship until she knows it’s “totally right” for her.

She added: “I knew I was going to take at least a year, one full year. One year led to two years and two years is now leading to three years. But I’m fine because I think the next relationship I have I think I will have a better chance of attracting and choosing what’s right for me because I’ve taken this time to think about what’s important to me.”