I-Octane celebrates body transformation from ‘Fat Ras’ to ‘Fit Ras’

I-Octane showing off green juice

Reggae and dancehall singjay I-Octane is ready for a ‘Hot Ras’ summer.

The entertainer is looking quite chiseled in the face and slimmer in the waist after dramatically losing over 100 pounds in five months.

The Buss A Blank artiste took to Instagram to share before and after photos of his body transformation yesterday.

“Today makes it officially five months since I start my weight loss journey and trust me, although I make it look easy it was ruff,” the artiste posted.

“I pull through it all because I want to show and inspire others out there who have given up on themselves saying there is no hope.”

He continued: “Well look I’m your hope [from 256 pounds to 149 pounds]
just take it day by day plus I can help you all with your diet… It’s not an overnight thing, but if you follow my instructions you can do it. Take back your life in your hands #remedyboss.”

I-Octane shared that his fitness journey started late last year after
he realised his clothes no longer fit. The artist started jogging and
eating more leafy, green meals, with his aim at the time being to fit
a size small or medium. He has maintained a strict workout routine,
and has given props to his green juice for trimming away his belly

In celebrating his five month milestone, he uploaded a video of a 2020
performance in which he failed at lifting one of his fans at a show.
He said while he finds the video funny, he wasn’t pleased with his

“Fat ras couldn’t manage the girls them in 2020 ok so let’s [see] what
slim ras do in 2021. mek we see if the juice work!” he said, challenging himself.

Other artists who have embarked on the fitness trek include Elephant
Man, who is now focused on building upper body muscle mass, and Beenie
Man, who has lost several inches from around his waist.