“I would not watch my season”: Tessanne Chin talks aftermath of winning ‘The Voice’

Tessanne Chin

Seven years ago, Tessanne Chin was named the winner of season 5 of The Voice, an accomplishment which many, including the singer, thought would bring her everything she wanted.

However, winning the American reality competition series was not all the Messenger singer thought it would be, as she shared with Yendi Phillipps on her YouTube show Odyssey with Yendi.

“I had a hard time looking back at things to do with The Voice for a very long time, like I would not watch it, I would not watch my season,” Chin noted in the 42-minute long interview.

“From I know I can do everything I do in my power to make something a success or whatever then I’m at ease with it.”

Tessanne Chin

Chin, who saw her several of her performances on the show top the iTunes chart and even enter the Billboard Hot 100, said “I think it was connected to everything that happened after The Voice…which was not what everyone expected, not what I expected and I just felt like this massive, big disappointment, I felt like an absolute failure.

“It was something that I had to reckon with, I had to reckon with…I heard this quote once and it stuck with, it struck me so, so hard, she said. “You have to reckon with what your life is versus what you thought it would be or what you thought your dreams were.

“Because that in itself, for me, was a massive wakeup call in that I got everything I wanted. I got everything I dreamt about, with the exception of few things, and realising when I had it that ‘Holy crap, this may not be what I thought I wanted’.”

The expectations she had of herself were many, but those of people who supported her journey on the show and afterwards, the singer said were “absolutely heavy”.

“When you know that you are doing your absolute best to make things happen, and you may not necessarily have all the support, but you know, I don’t like to put blame.

“From I know I can do everything I do in my power to make something a success or whatever then I’m at ease with it. And we did, there’s nothing that we could have done differently, there’s nothing that we would have done differently cause it’s all brought me here.”

She said the expectations and pressure from people around, and herself, made her approach songwriting and performing from a different place.

However, with the birth of her daughter, Zaia, in February, the singer says her life has been changed and she’s now in a place where she wants to write and sing again.