Studio One honours founder “Sir Coxsone” with iconic mural

Clement Seymour “Sir Coxsone” Dodd was at the centre of attention on Wednesday evening (Jan 29) as the late musical icon was honoured with a star-studded mural unveiling at the island’s most renowned recording studio, Studio One, at 13 Studio One Boulevard, Kingston 6.

A mural depicting the founder of Studio One, Clement Seymour “Sir Coxsone” Dodd, was unveiled to celebrate the iconic music studio. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

Studio One is one of Jamaica’s most treasured locations that has over the years harnessed the moniker as the “birthplace of Jamaican music”.

The entity has been refurbished stylishly with an array of murals, cultural artefacts and archived materials that are all connected to Sir Coxsone Dodd’s legacy, bringing back to life the real taste of reggae music.

Speaking with Carol Dodd, daughter of the late musical pioneer, she shared that the intent is to create a space that will enable others to immerse themselves in an authentic component of Jamaica’s heritage.

Carol Dodd (4th from right)shares a happy moment in front of her father’s mural at Studio One. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ) (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

“We want to have the place open up as a museum where we can share our rich history with everyone. This is just the first phase of it,” she told BUZZ.

“It’s an absolute honour and privilege being a reggae fan myself and doing something momentous as this.”

— Andrew Parle, muralist

Member of Parliament for South St.Andrew, Mark Golding in his remarks noted that Studio One is an instrumental location that acts as a reservoir of the island’s vast culture.

Member of Parliament for South St.Andrew, Mark Golding. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

“I am here because I have the privilege of being the Member of Parliament for South St.Andrew…. This is, of course, a very very significant location in the constituency. The constituency is very rich in its cultural heritage very rich and Studio One was one of the diamonds in the constituency,” he said.

The creative genius behind the murals, Andrew Parle, hailing from Manchester, United Kingdom, has been doing residential and commercial mural work for over two decades.

Designer of the murals Andrew Parle considers himself a part of the Studio One family. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

Speaking with BUZZ, the artiste says he had known the family for quite some time and they became fond of his work and brought him on board to capture their vision.

“I was a friend of the family- the Studio One family- and we came together a couple of years about the vision to have a mural which encapsulates Studio One and Sir Coxsone as well. When we came up with the idea a few years ago, they liked my style of painting and how quickly I could paint,” he told BUZZ.

Parle prides himself on being able to complete the murals quickly. (Photo: Chris Lewinson/BUZZ)

“It’s an absolute honour and privilege being a reggae fan myself and doing something momentous as this. It doesn’t feel so much that it is a job, not just work, but coming here is a pleasure every day,” he added gratefully.

Studio One is set for a string of upcoming releases that will push the location as one of Jamaica’s leading repurposed cultural entities. These are, The Jamaica All Stars- February 14; Studio First, From the Vaults, Vol.2 ( Record Store Day) – April 18; and Blue Coxsone Box Set- July 10.