Idaho man wins lottery six times

Bryan Moss is a lucky man

Bryan Moss from Meridian, Idaho is a lucky man. He’s won the lottery all of six times. Moss won a $250,000 prize from a Crossword scratch game on Thursday, the Idaho Lottery said in a press release. But this win is extra special because it’s his biggest yet.

And it gets better BUZZ Fam, Moss, who owns Newko Sport and Nutrition health store, said he plays regularly because he knows it benefits Idaho schools.

“I’m proud to help support Idaho public schools, that’s really why I play,” Moss said in a statement.

The Idaho Lottery dividend has gone to Idaho public schools and the Permanent Building Fund, which supports state-operated facilities, like Idaho’s colleges and universities, since its founding.

In total over the history of the state lottery, $961.5 million has been contributed to these two entities.

He said he plans to put his winnings aside for his daughter’s education.