If Olympics were based on Jamaican games, what would events would we have?

(Photo: Plentifun)

“If the Olympic games were created solely based on Jamaican culture, what event(s) would we have? This viral tweet by a Jamaica living in Japan caused a huge debate on social media.

And we’re bringing that debate to you. BUZZ Fam, we took some of our favourite answers to that question, and shared some of our own for the ultimate Jamaican Olympic Games! Coming to a tv near you!

Sightings/ Dandy Shandy

The rules and tools used for the sport may vary, but the aim of the game remains the same. Two people who act as pitchers try to hit players between them with a ball. This ‘ball’ is oftentimes a stuffed juice box,. The last person to get standing after dodging the hits wins.

Chinese skip

This game generally involves three people. A ‘rope’ which is usually made out of elastic bands are tied together, stretch till it’s taut, and anchored at the ankles of two players. The third player then jumps in a pattern on the rope without going outside the rope barrier. Each time the pattern is completed, the rope is raised around the holders’ legs. When the jumper fails, the next person follows the pattern.

Lime and spoon race

Lime and spoon race is an event commonly done at informal sporting events. It’s a fun game, but it’s also extremely competitive. So the game’s rules are as follows: each competitor is given a spoon and a lime. The runner places the lime in the spoon and then tries to complete the race without dropping the lime. If the lime falls out of the spoon, then that runner is disqualified. The person who crosses the line first without dropping the lime is deemed the winner.

Eating competitions

Hot Patty, Coco Bread, Bun, water (tuff) crackers, are just some of the commonly chosen snacks for a Jamaican eating competition. The player must eat the whole thing without drinking any beverage. The first person to finish eating the snack is declared the winner. 


Marble is typically played with 2-6 players using their fingers to shoot marbles in a circle. Ideally, it should be played on a smooth surface on the ground. There are different ways that you can play marble, but ultimately the of the same is to hit as many of your opponent’s marbles as possible, pr as many times as possible.

Honorable Mention– 123 Red Light

123 Red light is one of Jamaica’s most popular games, especially among young children. The aim of the game is to be the first person to touch the individual at the front. Here’s how the game is played; one person is placed at the front with his/her back turned to the group. The person then says ‘123 redlight”, while players try to walk up quickly to get to touch that person. By the time the player completes the phrase and turns around, everyone should have stopped walking. If this person catches anyone walking up, then that player is out of the game. This continues until one lucky player gets to the top, touches the person, and is declared winner.

**Article written by BUZZ interns; Mya Watson and Abigail Wint