If your partner suggested you need cosmetic surgery…

Many women have been pressured into going under the knife.

In 1999, the female group TLC released the hit Unpretty, and women around the world finally had a song that chronicled how magazines, the media and men influenced how they felt about their bodies. Such was its power and potency that it became an instant anthem for every female who was told that she had to go fix something that was deemed wrong with her physical appearance.

Internet trolls

Fast forward 20 years later, and women are even more insecure in this epoch of Instagram models and Internet trolls who insist that if you do not look a certain way, you are unworthy of love. Women are still being pressured to go under the knife to please their partner or in their attempt to keep their man from straying.

Every woman has a flaw, so ditch the insecurities.

So, what do you do if your mate implies that the way you currently are just is not cutting it for them? Before you even consider surgery, you probably should consider if you need that partner of yours! Your health and outlook should improve 100 per cent if you ditch the zero and find a hero. To tell someone that you only value them for their appearance is lower than the lowest mathematical denominator. Cosmetic or plastic surgery is an elective procedure which means that it does not bring any improved health conditions. However, it can easily go wrong and can even end your life. Why would you, if you truly love someone, want them to take that risk? Who died and made you the arbitrator of beauty?

Pinky and the Brain

What they are doing is starving your self-esteem and squeezing the joy out of your life. The joy of knowing that flaws are God’s reminder that if he made your perfect you would be more obnoxious than you currently are, so he gave you a little ‘supm supm’ to keep you grounded. Can you imagine if you have a big booty to go with that big attitude and sassy mouth? You would rule the world just like Pinky and the Brain said.

Do not allow a man to make you feel bad about your body.

The risks are nothing to sneeze about. Indeed, every year in the United States, almost 200,000 persons die on the operating table or shortly afterwards from complications associated with cosmetic surgery. Some people who cannot afford a board-certified surgeon head off the Mexico or the Dominican Republic to get it done cheaply and end up paying dearly, sometimes with their own lives. How can it be worth it?

Bright side

Cosmetic surgery is not necessary. It is not like doing heart surgery or fixing a broken bone. If your boobs are small, be happy that you can wear practically anything you want and get away with it or that you do not have such large melons that you have back issues and need a chiropractor. Shift the psychological paradigm in your mind. There is always a bright side because God does not make mistakes. You may have been told that your flaw is glaring, but if someone has a problem with it, tell them to stop looking. Simple.

It is one thing to get cosmetic surgery because you want it. Nothing is wrong if you want some enhancement of any kind. That is your right. It is a whole other kettle of fish if you are doing to just to please someone else. No one has the right to apply that kind of pressure, and if they threaten to leave you for not doing surgery, hold the door for them so that it does not hit them on their way out.

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