‘I’m Chaka ‘Isolation’ Khan’: Singer coping well in coronavirus pandemic

Singer Chaka Khan says she has no problem social distancing and isolating during the coronavirus pandemic because she is already a hermit.

Chaka Khan

In a recent Instagram video, the 67-year-old entertainer said that she loves her own space, so adjusting to the pandemic has not be difficult.

“I’m already a great hermit,” the Ain’t Nobody singer said. “I’m already just great at this. I can isolate for … I mean, wooo.”

She continued: “I’m Chaka ‘Isolation’ Khan. I see that I’ve been very successful at being able to come home, hang ‘Chaka Khan’ in the closet and come out ‘Nana’ and I love it. I love it.”

In the caption for the post, she said that, like many other people, she has different sides. For her, there is ‘Chaka’ and there is ‘Nana’.

The mother of two has four grandchildren.