Indecisiveness: A woman’s secret weapon and man’s worst enemy

Can we talk? Like, seriously have a proper talk, ladies?

I’ll give you a minute to decide…to agree.

Okay, so I get that you’re the more ‘emotionally intelligent’ half of the human species, but does it really take that long to make a decision? If we ever get to that stage.

Fellas, do you know any beautiful, powerful ladies, who make even the smallest decision seem so stressful and impossible?

I’m afraid to inform you, you might just be dealing with an indecisive woman, whatever that means.

I can be honest if you’re willing to, ladies – you all revel in the decision-making process, but can we agree to actually DECIDE?!?

Don’t get me wrong, please.

I love the fact that you take pride in getting that one outfit just right; making sure that face is beat for the gawds but lawd…I beg. *whispers* Tell us what you want. Definitively.

Food, places to hang out, movie options, dates – the list of pent-up microaggressions for men grows by the generation.

I’ll offer just two situations…

First scenario

You: “Hey babe, what do you want to eat?”

Her: “I’m not fussy, luv. Anything you pick is fine,”

You: *offers food option*

Her: “Too greasy”

You: “Okay” *offers another*

Her: “We had that yesterday”

You: “How about this option?”

Her: “No”

You: *asks why*

Her: “I’m not feeling that right now”

ALL MEN: *scream internally*

Scenario 2…

You: “Baby, where do you wanna go tonight?”

Her: “Aww, so sweet! What’s happening tonight?”

You: *describes first party*

Her: “Too crowded”

You: *another party*

Her: “Is your little ‘friend’ gonna be there?”

You: *answers honestly*

Her: “Then no.”

You: *offers club*

Her: “Where is that again?”

You: *sighs, then answers*

Her: “Eww! Remember the awful customer service the last time? I’m not going back there!”

You, frustrated: “Then WHERE DO YOU WANNA GOOOOOO!?!”

Her, backed into a corner: “W- Why are you getting upset?”

How do y’all even get anything done? I-

The stress is real, ladies…we just need you to decide. Just once. It can be anything, we don’t care.

Can you understand how extremely frustrating it is to come up with option after option, for all of them to be flatly rejected or given little to no enthusiasm?

Most times, we genuinely try, so cut us some slack.

Okay, I offer a compromise. Since you’re so eager to tell what you DON’T want, use that as a precursor into getting into what you DO want.

Can we agree on that?