Indian women want Prime Minister Modi to instruct men to help with housework

“Does the handle of a jhadu (broom) come printed with the words: ‘to be operated by women only’?” That’s the question Subarna Ghosh wants India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to answer.

In a petition published on Ghosh is beseeching Modi to instruct India’s men to do their share of household chores.

Ghosh is pretty fed up with having to do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry while trying to work from home, and is demanding that the Prime Minister address the issue in his next speech.

“It’s a fundamental question, why don’t more people talk about it?” she wrote.

Ghosh’s petition has gathered nearly 70,000 signatures of the 75,000 goal.

“I live with my husband and two children in India’s urban heartland. And I feel exhausted bearing this unfair share of the workload. The fatigue from being overworked is palpable amongst women in most Indian homes. Some even bear the ‘double burden’ of having a paid job,” she wrote.

“If Mr Modi can inspire us to light lamps and clap in solidarity, he can inspire us to correct an unfair norm that discriminates against women in every home,” she added.

Ghosh told the BBC that she expects the Prime Minister to address this gross inequality.

“Mr Modi has a huge support base among women, so he should talk about an issue that’s important to women. When the rainy season started, he talked about cough and cold, so why can’t he talk about gender equality?”