Injuries force Madonna to cut two more London shows

Singer Madonna had to cancel a recent concert due to injuries.

Madonna has cancelled two more shows at the London Palladium following “multiple injuries”.

The 61-year-old singer finally opened her ‘Madame X’ tour in the UK on Wednesday after cancelling the first concert earlier in the week due to injury, but has now revealed she’s had to axe another two dates on February 4 and February 11, because doing too many shows in a row is “too much” on her body.

“Doing 3 shows in a row is too much on my body.”

— Madonna

In an announcement posted on Friday, Madonna wrote: “As you all know I have multiple injuries and have had to cancel shows to give myself time to recover. So as not to surprise you I want to let you know ahead of time that I will be cancelling 2 shows- on Feb 4 and Feb 11th at the Palladium in London because doing 3 shows in a row is too much on my body and in fact my doctors insist I take a day off after every show but I believe can manage if I do 2 shows then I rest! (sic)”

The Like A Prayer hitmaker believes it’s a “miracle” she can still perform at all, and has said the only way for her to recover is to take the time to “rest” in between her shows.

She added: “It’s a miracle I have gotten this far but a-lot has to do with the fact that I do 6 hours of re-hab every day

“3 hours before show and 3 after with multiple therapies. I have also switched to flat shoes and modified difficult parts of the show. This has helped enormously but I still need to be careful and of course, rest is the best medicine (sic)”