Inside the life of Jamaican YouTuber, Singh Zima

Jonathan Singh, best known as Singh Zima

You can’t change the world by copying someone else because they’ve already changed the world in their own way”- Singh Zima

Twenty-year-old entrepreneur and Youtube creative Jonathan Singh, best known as Singh Zima details his venture in this Inside The Life Of: A Youtube Creative feature.

Singh’s journey started out on Snapchat, where he made creative and funny videos for his friends. His desire to post the short snaps soon evolved into a desire to “take it up a notch, and put more creative energy into something.”

As a full-time student, he says it’s all about balancing work [Youtube and his brand] and school, which is never easy. He also discussed networking and how he has received guidance from popular YouTube veterans like Quite Perry to aid him on his journey of engaging with companies, and remaining true to himself in the process.

“Find happiness in the now, find success in the now. Still have your goals and objectives, but ‘the now’ is very important”. What you see now may not be the same in a month or two, Singh says, because he considers himself to be always evolving. But what is his ultimate goal? To be successful; to develop a brand that is larger than himself, and to create stuff that is entertaining.

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