iPhone users have a higher chance of getting dates, study finds

Your android products could be the reason no one is asking you out on a date. At least that’s what researchers at Comparemymobile.com are reporting.

They created identical dating profiles on a range of apps, in multiple cities across the world, where the only difference was the tech (and logos) on display; it analyzed a total of 50,000 profiles.

The study found that having an iPhone visible in your photos raised the chances of a match by 76 percent, while an Apple Watch on your wrist increased that chance by 61 percent and AirPods 41 percent.

But if you’re sporting a good old Samsung phone, the chances of someone swiping right on your profile are only increased by 19 percent.

And having a Blackberry in your profile photo is basically ‘getting a date suicide’, as it sunk the chances of a match by 74 percent.

Rob Baillie, mobile communications expert at Comparemymobile.com told 9to5Mac that Apple products were now the way to someone’s heart.

“Our study found that younger singletons aged 35 and under were more likely to be influenced by the phone you have than the car you drive, with Apple products giving those looking for love a clear advantage over the rest, perhaps due to the higher cost or ‘cool factor’ associated with the brand,” he said.

Adding that women were more influenced by Apple products than men.