Is cheating a deal-breaker? Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall shares thoughts

Is cheating a deal-breaker for you in a relationship? If you ask Jamaica’s favourite YouTube couple, Tami Chin and Wayne Marshall it’s, well, complicated.

The couple was responding to questions from their subscribers in a recent YouTube video. And although Tami shared that she has never had to deal with infidelity in her relationship with Wayne, her opinion on the issue has changed over the years.

“I wanna say that obviously if there was some kind of infidelity that would be a deal-breaker, but the truth is that we don’t know that, and we don’t know that because we haven’t lived it,” she said.

“I had a very wise woman who was married a lot longer than us say to me that in her twenties, and even in her thirties, something like infidelity would have been a deal-breaker. But once she got to her forties, and then in her fifties, she knew that they have invested so much into their relationship that she’s not sure if that would have been a deal-breaker.”

She added: “And that made me go ‘really’ because I used to say to you (Wayne) ‘me nuh fraid fi walk, me gone’. And it’s such an interesting thing that as you get older, you view things so differently”

“And there are a lot of people who have survived infidelity. Not without work and a lot of hard moments I’m sure,” she said.

While admitting that she still wasn’t certain of her answer to that question as it relates to them.

Her husband of 10 years, Wayne Marshall agreed with Tami’s views.

“It’s a delicate thing, the more I think about it, I have so much invested, there is so much riding on this,”