Is it OK to date your ex again?

Seeing your ex might lead to feelings of nostalgia.

So, you are at a party enjoying yourself, you see a tall drink of water in front of you. That was when you realised how thirsty you really are.

You keep talking to your friends, but you have one eye trained on the ‘water’ to see if anyone else is about to come along and drink him up.

Sexy walk

Just when you are confident that you are ready to do your sexiest ‘walk by’ to catch his attention, he turns around and you see that he is none other than your ex from five years ago looking fine and even better than you remembered.

As if he has telepathy, he locks eyes with you, and upon recognition, gives you such a bright smile that the National Stadium would be well lit for about an hour. He comes over and the conversation is as smooth and easy as if you all never parted, and you have to admit to yourself that you feel more than a little tingle. Is it safe to say some residual feelings are surfacing? Could you actually contemplate dating your ex again?

Some persons disagree with the idea of dating your ex.

Old wounds

Some would shout a resounding “hell nah” and cut, and that he or she is an ex for a reason. Things did not work out and revisiting old relationships is like reopening old wounds. Why would you want to do that? They may even argue that what you initially felt when you saw them was nostalgia all wrapped up in a pretty package. You are remembering all the things you liked about them, how they made you feel and can think of all the good times, especially if they want to indulge you and also go down memory lane.

But if the individual has not experienced real emotional growth, you will experience the same challenges that caused you to break up in the first place. It is kind of like reheating stewed peas 10 days in a row. If that doesn’t run your belly, nothing will!

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